Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Make sure zoning is correct for the type of business
2.) Plan approval from The Village
3.) Apply for variances if needed
4.) Obtain a building permit from The Village.  Download and fill out this Building Zoning Permit Application
5.) Contact Wood County Building Inspector in Bowling Green Ohio to obtain required permits and plan approval.

We have recently opened the ice skating rink and the calls have been coming in about ice skates. At the time you need to provide your own ice skates to skate at the rink. 

The McComb Brush Pick-Up Program is for weather related and trimmed brush from a McComb resident’s property only.

 Brush from a contracted tree removal/trimming project on a resident’s property will be the responsibility of the property owner.  Please include removal and clean up in your contract. It is unfair to ask the tax payers of the Village of McComb to cover this cost.

Please remember the village will only pick up piles that measure a maximum of 6x6 feet, larger piles should be referred to a contractor.

This is a curbside pickup of brush up to 6” in diameter.

 Piles must be neatly stacked with cut ends curb side, with no lawn waste, poison ivy, thorns, or trash and placed out by 7:00 a.m. on Mondays.

If inclement weather on a Monday, brush will be picked up the following day.

Grass clippings are not considered to be brush and will not be picked up. Residents may take grass clippings to the yard waste facility on Scott Street. Clippings should not be left in plastic bags.