St. John's Lutheran Evangelical Church

203 W. South St.

Pastor Ralph Mineo

Services: Sunday Worship at 8:00am

Sunday School and Adult Bible Study at 9:15am

Holy Communion celebrated the 1st Sunday of each month and All Holy Days

We are a small (50) worshiping, witnessing, serving, and evangelizing community of believers. We believe that we are called to support the ongoing ministry and mission of our Lord Jesus Christ by giving of our time and talents, as well as our financial support to witness, evangelize, and serve our community and congregation in accordance with God’s love and by his will. We dedicate our service, our programs and our activities to the carrying out of God’s will for this congregation and ask God to help us in this respect.

History of our Church

Mr. Lair, a farmer of Portage township, organized a Sunday school for German Lutherans of his community. They met at the Archer school. This created the need for a church and McComb was selected for the meeting place because of its central location.
In 1865 Rev. J.G. Ruhl organized the first Lutheran church in McComb with twelve members. They met every two weeks in the afternoon at the Campbellite church.

The present building was constructed in 1885. The entire services were conducted in the German language for several years, but in time the English language was used exclusively.

A bell was never placed in the belfry as most of the members of the congregation lived in the country.